Lily Collins is not a huge fan of the cold.

Even so, the actress decided to spend her honeymoon with new hubby Charlie McDowell in the Arctic Circle.

She dropped by “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Dec. 9 to spill details about her freezing honeymoon.

“So, knowing how much I love the cold – which I don’t – we went on an Arctic Circle, Swedish Lapland, edge of the world, Scandinavian food tour,” the star shared.

Despite her misgivings about the weather, Collins wasn’t mad about the trip.

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“It was so beautiful and well-thought-out. I was definitely not so cool on the fact that it was one suitcase, 17 flights and lots of cold weather,” she admitted. “But no, it was perfect.”

Joking about being subjected to the cold, Kimmel asked the star whether she made a mistake marrying the director.

“Never,” Collins answered confidently.

While the honeymoon may not have been her favourite environment, the “Emily In Paris” actress said the wedding in Dunton Hot Springs, Colorado was much more to her taste.

“Isn’t it beautiful?” Collins asked. “It’s an old abandoned ghost town, mining town made into a hotel. Nothing more romantic than a ghost town to get married in.”

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It probably helped that her star-studded family was there to witness the Sept. 4 nuptials.

McDowell’s parents are Malcolm McDowell and Mary Steenburgen, who is married to Ted Danson. The actress’ father is Genesis musician Phil Collins.

“I made speeches, everyone made speeches,” she said of the affair, which she helped plan.