Keanu Reeves chats to Graham Norton about the upcoming “The Matrix Resurrections” movie and why he turned down “Speed 2” on Friday’s “The Graham Norton Show”.

The actor, who reprises his role as Neo in the eagerly anticipated “Matrix” flick, calls in from the U.S. and says: “Hopefully people will enjoy it – it’s very exciting, and it was an extraordinary experience to make it.”

He goes on to explain how his character is still alive after dying 18 years ago.

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Reeves tells Norton: “I had the same question – when the director asked me what I thought about doing another ‘Matrix’ film I said ‘What? That sounds amazing but I’m dead.’

“She was like, ‘Are you?’ and I said, ‘Do tell!’ She wrote a beautiful story, and I love playing the character. How I am alive will all be explained.”

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Reeves fan Jack Whitehall, who is also a guest on the show, then asks the star why he turned down the 1997 flick “Speed 2: Cruise Control” after featuring in the first film.

He replies, “At the time I didn’t respond to the script. I really wanted to work with Sandra Bullock, I loved playing Jack Traven, and I loved ‘Speed’, but an ocean liner? I had nothing against the artists involved, but at that time I had the feeling it just wasn’t right.”

“The Matrix Resurrections” lands in theatres and on HBO Max Dec. 22.