Hailey Bieber is looking back on a “spicy” night that took place right before her 2019 wedding to Justin Bieber.

In the latest edition of her YouTube series “Who’s In My Bathroom?”, she’s joined by fellow model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

During their conversation, Bieber shared some TMI details about her bachelorette party.

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“It’s spicy on bachelorette parties,” she said.

“My bachelorette party was, like, penis everything,” Bieber revealed. “It was, like, d**k straws…”

“So mature,” quipped Huntington-Whiteley, with Bieber responding, “Classy.”

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Besides, Bieber pointed out, “I was already married, for like a year, before I had a wedding.”

“You already had the d**k!’ declared Huntington-Whiteley.