Sarah Paulson is responding honestly to criticism of her career choices.

The “American Horror Story” actress spoke at The Wrap‘s 2021 Power Summit in a spotlight conversation with founder and editor-in-chief Sharon Waxman about women in acting.

Paulson has chosen many controversial roles over the course of her career, including a lot of “unsafe” roles.

The star was recently questioned over her decision to take the divisive role of Linda Tripp in “American Crime Story: Impeachment”.

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“It did hurt my feelings, partly because it felt, as often happens when you’re criticized for your work, or when you’re celebrated too… it’s very hard not to personalize,” she said.

It was a huge undertaking for the actress to prepare for the role.

“And it’s very hard to not want to say, ‘I just spent two years of my life and then I gained 30 pounds to play this part. I slept, breathed, wept, bled Linda Tripp for two years,” Paulson continued. “So for you to sit down at your computer and decide that this endeavour was maybe not worthwhile, and that maybe I shouldn’t have been the one to play it, it’s so hurtful and also wrong.’”

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Still, the actress can’t help but be drawn to roles that others would find difficult or controversial.

“For me, it is more interesting to explore my own ugliness. Me, Sarah, the gnarly tree that lives inside me,” she said.

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