No one enjoys the hiccups, especially when they run on for 50 hours. Dax Shepard can attest to that.

The “Armchair Expert” podcast host shared on Instagram the “ride” he went on when he ended up with hiccups for more than two days.

“50 hours of hiccups. Worry not. We have been hiccup free for five days today. For anyone who has permanent hiccups, god bless. I don’t know if I could have gone a week with those without intervening with a cycle of cyanide,” he captioned clips on Instagram.

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Wife Kristen Bell documented Shepard, who started in good spirits.

“I came across some hiccups about, I guess, okay we’re going on 22 hours … no 21,” he said, asking Bell if she could hear them.

“All night long,” she responded.

“And they went away for stretches today. A couple hours in the afternoon. There was an hour of freedom,” Shepard continued.

The following clip, Shepard was less than impressed as he revealed the hiccups got so bad it started “a good deal of hiccup-induced puking.”

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Actress Mae Whitman tried to cheer Shepard up with a humorous comment.

“Is this f**kint real!?!?!?” Whitman wrote. “You know my dad (who happens to be Anthony Hopkins) once had hiccups for four days that were so violent he had to go to the hospital!!!!!” she wrote. “Which is also where he saw his first dead body. So I guess it could be worse you could be in the hospital looking at dead people IM JUST TRYING TO HELP #YouAreNotAlone.”