SPOILER ALERT: Reading further will reveal crucial plot points for “No Time to Die” that could hamper the enjoyment of those who haven’t yet seen the film.




Daniel Craig is sharing his thoughts on “No Time to Die”, his final appearance as British super-spy James Bond.

As those who’ve seen the film are aware, the movie ends with Bond perishing in an explosion as he sacrifices himself to save the lives of the woman he loves (Léa Seydoux) and their young daughter.

Speaking with “No Time to Die: The Official James Bond Podcast”, Craig offered his thoughts on Bond’s definitive death.

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“There were lots of different ideas that came and went and some of it stuck,” said Craig.

“The through line of this is family [and] love, plus the fact we had an end so it was about hanging the film off that,” he added.

Creating the story for his swan song as 007, he explained, was a “massive collaborative effort,” adding: “That was the headline really: just make it better. So we all input into it in varying ways.”

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Craig admitted he was not shy about sharing his own ideas. “I tend not to shut up or keep my mouth shut about things and the only reason I want to get involved is because I just want it to be the best it can be,” he said.

Ultimately, Craig said he found the film’s ending to be “really very, very satisfying”