Machine Gun Kelly didn’t need much convincing to accept a role in a movie starring Megan Fox. The rapper said the second Fox’s name came up, he immediately said yes.

MGK on Friday shared the story of how he really met the “Transformers” star in an episode of “The Drew Barrymore Show” while he painted the 46-year-old TV host’s nails. She asked him point-blank, “Can I ask how you guys met? Did you get set up on a date?” Kelly took it from there and, to his credit, offered amazing details.

“We were filming a movie [‘Midnight in the Switchgrass’], which ironically the only reason I took the movie was because they were like, ‘Your scenes with Megan Fox’ and I was like, ‘I’ll take the movie,'” the rapper said.

Kelly went on to explain how he had a gut feeling about his chance meeting with Fox, so much so he said, “My gut is always right and I’m grateful for it.”

“For some reason I knew she would invite me for lunch,” MGK continued. “Then, all of a sudden, someone came over and was like, ‘Megan wants to know if you want to have lunch in her trailer.’ And I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’m so surprised. Yeah, absolutely.'”

MGK says he went inside Fox’s trailer and she asked him how he was feeling. “I’m lost,” the rapper answered. Fox’s response? “She said, ‘Let’s find you,'” Kelly said. “And I was like … killed me. She was cupid.”

The entire studio audience gushed when MGK finished telling the story, prompting Barrymore to respond with, “You got hit by her arrow!”

The sweet moment, however, didn’t last long. Barrymore quickly switched the subject and surprised MGK with — wait for it — a prop from “The Exorcist”! In any event, it sure seems Fox and Kelly are in it for the long haul.

A source tells ET the “My Ex’s Best Friend” rapper has been telling friends he’s preparing to pop the question. “They’re very in love and beyond obsessed with each other,” the source said. “They are ready to take this next step in their relationship.”

ET has reached out to MGK and Fox’s reps for comment.