No, Steve Harvey won’t get fooled again.

On Sunday night, the TV personality once more hosted the annual Miss Universe pageant and brought a sense of deja vu by nearly flubbing the night’s biggest moment.

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With just three contestants remaining, Harvey announced South Africa as the second runner-up and then turned his attention to the beauty queens from Paraguay and India.

“Congratulations, Portugal,” he began saying, before catching onto the mistake.

“They wrote Portugal on the damn sign, trying to play me – they’re trying to get me again,” Harvey exclaimed. “But I’m not going for it this year.”

He continued, “Congratulations, Paraguay. They had Portugal on the damn sign. I looked dead at it. Y’all saw it. Don’t try to blame this on me this year.”

Harvey has a history of flubs at the Miss Universe competition. In 2019 he accidentally mixed up Miss Malaysia and Miss Philippines while setting up a video package, due to what he said was another teleprompter mishap.

More famously, in 2015, Harvey announced runner-up Miss Colombia as the winner, when in fact Miss Philippines had won the crown.

Thankfully, the host corrected the error on the spot this year, with Miss Paraguay coming in second place, and Miss India Harnaaz Sandhu taking home the title of Miss Universe 2021.

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Earlier in the competition, Sandhu was put on the spot when Harvey said during the Q&A period, “I hear you do some pretty good animal impersonations. Let’s hear your best one.”

Shocked, the eventual winner responded, “Oh my God, Steve, I was not expecting to do this on the world stage,” and Harvey joked that she had “no other option.”

During the same segment, other contestants were asked questions about their careers, their philanthropic work and more, prompting viewers to complain about the question for Miss India on social media.