Cardi B is thinking about going vegan, but first, she needs a few answers about the healthy informed lifestyle.

The rapper revealed on social media that a recent “stomach virus” made her question the decision but there is one hefty problem- she loves meat.

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“I want to go vegan but I love meat.. are vegan meat replacements similar to meat in taste or not really?” Cardi took to Twitter in hopes of some answers to her number one concern.

The “I Like It” rapper received an outpour of responses but one particular fan was quick to draw attention to a big sacrifice the rapper would have to make in the pursuit of becoming vegan.

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“You willing to let go of the seafood boil you LOVE?? With all that lemon?? Girl….,” the fan commented on Cardi’s post to which she responded, “I had a stomach virus not so long ago and I feel like my digestive system haven’t been the same. I been drinking probiotics and I don’t see a change much. I be lookin at raw food pages a lot but that will be a huge change for me to do that.”

At least if she decides to go vegan, she’ll always have her own Whipshots, the new line of vodka-infused whipped cream shots. The rapper debuted the sweet new treat during Art Basel Miami. According to Starco Brands, the company who partnered with Cardi to release the new product, Whipshots are non-dairy, however, it has not been confirmed as to whether or not it is a vegan product.