Rita Wilson and Rosanna Arquette not only shared a room while filming their newest film, “Love Is Love Is Love,” but they also created “beautiful” rituals for their castmates to participate in before emotional scenes.

Written and directed by Eleanor Coppola, “Love Is Love Is Love” tells three stories that explore love, commitment and loyalty between couples and friends. In the final story of the film, a young woman (Maya Kazan) who recently lost her mother gathers together a group of her mother’s friends (including Cybill Shepherd, Wilson and Arquette) to share memories. Much to her surprise, she learns a lot about the person her mom used to be through raw, deep and surprising revelations.

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“We’ve all experienced grief and loss in our lives, but the actors themselves, we all connected as women in our past grief and it was very healing. The whole experience was a lovely healing experience. It goes to Eleanor for putting us all together and meticulously choosing this combination of women to connect,” Arquette told ET Canada.

“At first everyone was just like, ‘How are you?’ But it was immediate because she brings this connectivity of love. It’s like a love energy. We did these wonderful rituals to open the space for the day and set our intentions. It was how she set up the day for everybody to write our intentions. We had a circle of women and a circle when we gathered before we started work. It was very beautiful,” she added.

Wilson echoed Arquette’s sentiments, adding how comfortable the set felt when the majority of cast and crew were all women.

“There was just an ease in the way in which we all worked together, the way we were communicating amongst ourselves and with Eleanor. There was a huge amount of females on the crew as well. It just felt like there was an ownership of the project from all of us that felt very cool and unusual and unique,” Wilson said. “I said to [Rosanna], ‘Oh my gosh. I think this is what it’s like for men when they come to work every single day.’”

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In addition to acting, Wilson also recorded an original track for the film titled “Because Love”.

“I was thrilled when Eleanor asked me and invited me to do this because it had an additional experience to it for me, which was being able to co-write this song that I get to sing in the movie,” Wilson said. “Eleanor made that the end credit song as well so I just felt very blessed. There was an openness to being creative and sharing ideas that felt boundless and I loved that.”

“Love Is Love Is Love” will be released on VOD Tuesday, Dec. 14.

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