Hilaria Baldwin wants to encourage other women to support each other instead of tearing each other down.

The star posted a nearly five-minute-long video with her thoughts to Instagram about the problematic ways women are brought up in society.

Referencing the story of Snow White, Baldwin broke down the lesson taught in the fairy tale.

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“This is telling you there can only be one ‘fairest of them all’, there can’t be more than one, there can’t be two – there can only be one,” she said. “Not the greatest thing we are teaching our kids, right? We are also taught that we have to be sugar and spice and everything nice. So not only are we taught that we have to be the best, the prettiest, the most everything, but we’re also supposed to do it being very sweet.”

Bringing up a real life example of how women are expected to behave, Baldwin shared an anecdote of her own pregnancy.

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In her stories, she shared a screenshot of a news story of a woman whose marriage ended when her husband shushed her during labour. Baldwin admitted in a caption on the image that she experienced the same thing with her husband Alec Baldwin.

“Alec shushed me while I was in labour with Rafa… he was on the phone “Shush! Can’t you keep it down?” The moment he said it, he realized he sounded like an a** and he cowered 😂,” she wrote.

Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram – Photo: @hilariabaldwin/Instagram
Hilaria Baldwin’s Instagram – Photo: @hilariabaldwin/Instagram

She continued, “I’ll spare you the details of my reaction for now. But it never happened again 😈”.

The mother of six went on to talk about the glass ceiling that women face – the notion that many women are unable to reach executive and top positions in the workforce due to an inherent gender bias in promotions and hiring practices.

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“I actually think there is no glass ceiling, I think we keep on telling each other there is a glass ceiling. I think there is this notion of treading water and we keep saying to each other that we’re going to drown if we stop treading water,” she shared. “Then we realize, that we can put our feet down and it’s really not that deep. It’s the same thing with the glass ceiling. The sky is the limit, and the sky is limitless.”