Spoiler Alert: The following article contains spoilers of the “Succession” season three finale. 





Season three of “Succession” left viewers on a cliffhanger, all holding their breath until season four eventually drops. Tom Wambsgan (Matthew Macfadyen) betrayed his wife Shiv Roy (Sarah Snook) to be in favour of her father and mogul Logan Roy (Brian Cox). It was a move that no one saw coming– that is until you start to piece the last season together.

There were small hints along the way, most notably that of the Roman mythology of Nero and Sporus. In episode four, Tom tells Greg (Nicholas Braun) he would “castrate” him– a reference to Nero who castrated Sporus and later married him.

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Nero had killed his pregnant wife so he and Sporus could be together- foreshadowing that Tom wanted to take down his wife.

In the season finale, the tale once again comes up as Tom asks Greg,  “Do you wanna come with me? Sporus?” Although fans are unaware at this point what the deal could be.

“What am I going to do with a soul anyway?” Greg replies.

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Looking ahead, the fact that Nero’s wife was pregnant and Tom and Shiv were in talks of starting a family could suggest that Shiv might have a surprise baby in season four.

Things have been cold between Shiv and Tom for most of the season, but in episode eight things heated up between them which could have been enough to seal the deal.

As in the words of Greg, “Plot twist. Didn’t see that coming.”

Season four of “Succession” has been confirmed but no release date given yet.