Freida Pinto is opening up about postpartum.

The “Slumdog Millionaire” star welcomed her son Rumi-Ray earlier this year but admits it has been “one of the most intense and wild rides” she has ever experienced.

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“Preparation was so key to this life altering phase of mothering and I feel so proud, relieved and blessed to have walked into it with knowledge, research and support. But what does it really mean to be postpartum ‘prepared,'” she wrote.

Pinto then listed a few side effects.

“It certainly doesn’t mean you won’t feel sad, lonely, frustrated and helpless at times,” she named or “that you will never doubt your milk supply or for some, be worried about being judged for choosing the formula route.

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She continued, “The preparedness is more so to know how best to tackle all of this and to not feel abandoned by a health care system that focuses so much on your pregnancy and birth and somehow disappears when you are most vulnerable and in the most challenging phase of your life. To know that every mama will have a different journey but everyone of us will have some hill to climb. And that most importantly it REALLY DOES GET BETTER and we learn so much about ourselves and gosh we can truly acknowledge and celebrate the goddesses that we are!”

Pinto concluded her post by making it her “mission” for more “acceptance, self love and growth” to be brought to the postpartum period.

Pinto and husband Cory Tran welcomed their son in November.