Bono and Scarlett Johansson are happy to chat about being parents.

This week, the “Sing 2” co-stars are on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, and the host gets things started by asking Johansson how her seven-year-old daughter Rose is handling being big sister to four-month-old Cosmo.

“…She’s pretty neutral about it, which I think is a good thing,” the actress says.

“She’ll come home talking a mile a minute and I have to remind her to say hi to your brother. I think being seven is pretty psychedelic. I feel like my memories of being seven are kind of psychedelic.”

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Talking about his own kids, who are a good deal older, Bono says of his 20-year-old son John Hewson, “He’s kind of like the boss of the family. He’s got one leg left. He’s going to college.”

His 22-year-old son Elijah, meanwhile, is “off around the world when he can” with his band Inhaler.

“He wants to burn down the pop charts for rock ‘n’ roll,” Bono says.

Bono and Johansson also talk about singing together on a cover of U2’s classic “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” for “Sing 2”.

Johansson says her life was “complete” when Bono and the members of U2 said that her vocal performance on the song impressed them.

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Finally, DeGeneres has her guests play a game of Random Question Generator, which has them answering things like “Would you rather be naked with close friends or strangers?”

“If you’re any kind of singer, you should be naked at all times,” Bono jokes.