Dakota Johnson is clearing up the air about the “giant controversy” regarding her love for limes a.k.a the biggest “plot twist of 2021.”

The actress in the recent Golden Globe nominated film “The Lost Daughter,” appeared on “The Tonight Show” to tell Jimmy Fallon all about the citrus fruit that could have ended her career.

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Johnson recalled her Architectural Digest issue that featured a big bowl of limes on her kitchen counter, appearing as though she is a fan of the fruit, when really she is allergic to them.

“I don’t really care about limes. I love them and I also found out after I did Arch Digest. I did that and, you know, they have somebody who is super talented come in and make your house look amazing. So they put this big bowl of limes, which I saw while we were filming. And it was funny. So I talked about it because who has a bowl of only limes?” Johnson told Fallon about the crisis. 

“And then I did an allergy test a few weeks later and it turns out that I’m allergic to limes. But I never knew because usually when I have them they’re in, like, a tequila,” she continued to explain.

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Johnson wanted people to know that she is also allergic to soy to avoid any future controversies. “Don’t send me any edamame this Christmas season,” she joked.

Speaking of the holidays, the actress shared that she will be hosting Christmas at her house this year. “I haven’t really thought about it,” she told Fallon as she scratched her head. “It’s fast approaching, isn’t it?” she realized. “I feel like it’s better and more relaxing for everybody if they just fend for themselves…They’re all grown-ups,” Johnson commented on not being stressed about hosting the gathering.

Although the “Fifty Shades” alum has no plan on what food she will be serving her guests, she does know that there will be holiday movies, specifically “Home Alone.”

“When I was little, I went through a phase where I watched ‘Home Alone’ every day of the year… I was really into it,” the actress explained. Johnson proved that she’s “clearly a fan” of the classic holiday film when she answered every one of Fallon’s trivia questions correctly.

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Johnson added, “I saw Macaulay Culkin recently. And I’ve never seen him in real life, but I saw him because he was walking in the Gucci show. And I was sho-ck-ed,” she emphasized, noting that seeing him in person made her remember that he’s actually a grown adult now, rather than his young character Kevin McCallister.

Continuing on the topic of films, Johnson and Fallon played a game of “5-Second Summaries” where they had to describe popular movies in five seconds without using any words in the film’s title, actor’s names or catchphrases. The game didn’t go so well for the TV host when he attempted to describe “House of Gucci” in an Italian accent turned Russian.

Watch Johnson and Fallon summarize films like “West Side Story,” “Finding Nemo” and more in the video below: