Aubrey Plaza, is that you?

The star dropped by “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” dressed as the Christmas Witch from her new kid’s book The Legend Of The Christmas Witch.

Plaza said she loved dressing up as a witch every Halloween she figured why not also do it on Christmas and thus her first book was born.

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“I had this idea of dressing like a witch and going to scare children while also throwing presents at them,” she said of the inspiration. “They love being scared and they love getting gifts.”

Plaza also dished on her impromptu quarantine wedding to Jeff Baena after 10 years of dating.

“We got a little bored one night,” she detailed. “One hour marriage dot com. That’s real, look it up.”

“I joked about getting married and he said ‘we probably get married that fast’,” Plaza recalled. After a quick Google search, a phone call and some negotiation the officiant was there in two hours.

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The ceremony was complete with a rosemary wreath Plaza wore on her head, a “love alter” and the officiant in a Hawaiian shirt.

“I can’t remember a lot of it, it was fuzzy,” she added. “But I’m pretty sure it’s legal.”