Members of the K-pop act NCT got themselves into hot water.

On Tuesday evening, the group did a livestream counting down to the release of their new album Universe when they were hit with an earthquake alert.

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Confused about what was going on, three of the members — Mark, Doyoung and Johnny — joked around by singing the song “Earthquake” from the new album.

As it turned out, the earthquake was very much real, with the Korea Herald reporting the 4.9-magnitude tremor, one of the strongest in recent years, occurred off the coast of Jeju Island, causing “panic,” though no serious damage.

Taking to their Instagram accounts, the three members apologized for making light of the very serious situation.

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“I want to say that I am deeply sorry for the image that I showed of myself during today’s comeback live broadcast. I am really sorry for misjudging the situation and acting carelessly and rashly,” wrote Mark, as translated by Soompi. “I will reflect deeply on myself and work hard to never show behaviour like this again.”

Doyoung wrote, “This was entirely my mistake, so I apologize again without excuses.”

Johnny added that he was “really sorry,” and said he “want[s] to apologize again to those who felt uncomfortable while watching my behaviour.”