Henry Cavill dropped by Tuesday’s edition of “The Late Show”, where he and host Stephen Colbert discussed such disparate topics as why his Superman didn’t wear the traditional red “granny panties” (Colbert’s description), the upcoming season of Netflix hit “The Witcher”, and Cavill’s “nerd cred” from having built his own gaming PC.

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As Cavill’s fans may recall, in July 2020 he shared on Instagram a video of himself assembling his computer.

Non-gamer Colbert wanted to know what “the value” is of building one’s own gaming PC

“It’s just the experience. You are building something which is entirely custom to you,” said Cavill.

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“It’s doing all the research, learning how to put it together, getting over the terror of these expensive components arriving in the mail, and you just plugging them in like adult Lego,” he added. “And then hoping you don’t blow up the house when you press the power button. It’s really, really rewarding when you don’t blow up the house.”

In another segment of the interview, Cavill discussed his love of scuba diving, particularly at night, and described his tactic to evade curious sharks during moonlit night dives.

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