Ever since Simpsons showrunner Al Jean recently revealed that a familiar character from the show was going to die later this season, fans have been wondering which Springfield resident it would be (Jean’s only clue: the actor has won an Emmy for playing that character).

To make it interesting, oddsmakers at online gambling site Bodog.com have released their odds on which character could be most likely to buy the farm.

At the top of the list: felonious Sideshow Bob (voiced by Emmy-winner Kelsey Grammer), who’s been trying to murder Bart for more than two decades now. According to Bodog’s odds, Bob has a 4-to-1 shot of being the guest of honour at Springfield’s next funeral (Kelsey Grammer, by the way, won a 2006 voiceover Emmy for his performance as Sideshow Bob).

Bodog’s odds are:

Sideshow Bob 4/1
Penelope 6/1
Krusty The Clown 6/1
Abe (Grandpa) 6/1
Moe 8/1
Itchy 8/1
Rabbi Hyman Krustofski 8/1
Barney 9/1
Apu 9/1
Edna Krabappel 10/1
Comic Book Guy 14/1
Carl 15/1
Chief Wiggum 15/1
Ned Flanders 15/1

The last recurring character to die on The Simpsons was next-door neighbour Maude Flanders, who was killed in a freak T-shirt accident in season 11. Other Simpsons characters to have shuffled off this mortal coil include jazz musician Bleeding Gums Murphy, Homer’s irritable co-worker Frank “Grimey”; Grimes, Dr. Marvin Monroe and Homer’s mother (voiced by Glenn Close).