Charli XCX gets candid about her mental-health struggles during the pandemic in a new trailer for her documentary “Alone Together”.

The singer explains how she made her album How I’m Feeling Now during the COVID-19 crisis while quarantined at home, with her asking fans for their help.

She says in the teaser clip how she feels like she’s “nothing” without her work and that she has a huge connection with her fans onstage in their “own special space.”

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In the clip she says that she doesn’t think she’s “smart, pretty or interesting enough” without her work, before getting emotional as she details her struggle with anxiety.

The doc also follows Charli and her partner’s relationship, with the singer discussing how it’s such an odd and lonely time.

A synopsis reads, “Seeking solace in music during the COVID-19 pandemic, global pop star Charli XCX asks her fans to help her make an album while quarantined at home.

“Charli embarks on a creative and emotional journey as she confronts mental health issues, rekindles her relationship with her boyfriend, connects with her fans, and ultimately produces the music for how I’m feeling now.”

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“Alone Together” will hit theatres and on digital platforms on January 28, 2022. Charli is this weekend’s musical guest on “Saturday Night Live”.