Sydney Sweeney is reflecting back on one of her lowest points in 2021.

The actress spoke in a candid interview with Net-a-Porter’s digital magazine Porter for its cover story about her career and acting choices.

In May, the “Euphoria” actress saw her name trending on Twitter due to cruel trolls criticizing her appearance.

The comments affected Sweeney to the point she pleaded with the bullies in an Instagram Live to understand their words can affect people.

It’s a moment that many took as brave, but for the star it was anything but that.

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Sydney Sweeney – Photo: Net-a-Porter/Porter
Sydney Sweeney – Photo: Net-a-Porter/Porter
Sydney Sweeney – Photo: Net-a-Porter/Porter
Sydney Sweeney – Photo: Net-a-Porter/Porter

“There was nothing brave about it. It was a very low point,” she recalled. “[People] see the glitz and the glamour and think that’s what your life is 24/7.”

Upsetting people’s assumptions about her is something the actress actively aspires towards.

As a woman in the male-dominated field of mixed martial arts (MMA), Sweeney is used to being underestimated and even feeds into it.

“I was the only girl at this dojo, and I wanted to f**k with all the guys’ [minds]. So, I got all-pink everything – wraps, gloves, mouth guard, everything – because when you walk into the ring as a girl wearing pink, the guys are like ‘whatever’,” she shared. “But then, when you can kick their a**, it’s the greatest feeling ever.”

It’s a pursuit she chases even in her acting choices.

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Sydney Sweeney – Photo: Net-a-Porter/Porter
Sydney Sweeney – Photo: Net-a-Porter/Porter

While Sweeney is well-known for her sweet character of Cassie Howard in teen drama “Euphoria”, her mean girl Olivia Mossbacher in “The White Lotus” is the complete opposite.

“I love the dry, sardonic tone to her – I hadn’t really played [that] before. I want people to be constantly taken aback by the characters I play and the choices that I make,” she said.

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The actress continued, “There are so many different versions of me. There are the characters I play, then the Sydney that walks the red carpets and does interviews, and then there’s the real me. There are all these different separations I maintain [because] I don’t want to lose who I am at my core.”

Read the full interview at Porter.