Stephen Colbert has some general health advice for “General Hospital” alum Ingo Rademacher.

Rademacher sued ABC earlier in the week after he was fired for failure to comply with the company’s COVID vaccine mandate. The lawsuit, as well as the actor’s upcoming appearance on “Tucker Carlson Today”, elicited a response from Global’s “The Late Show” host.

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“Sorry, buddy, but you have to follow the medical advice – you’re on ‘General Hospital’, not ‘General Stuff I Read On Facebook’,” Colbert quipped, via Deadline. “Now, a lot of people say Ingo Rademacher is being ridiculous… Unless, that’s not Ingo Rademacher! It’s Ingo Rademacher’s twin brother Vigo Rademacher, who just woke up from a coma.

“Or maybe, in just one final twist, none of that is true and Ingo Rademacher is just a stupid dingus. That makes more sense. That’s the one.”

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