Sometimes celebrity encounters can be pretty wild.

One Houston couple discovered just how wild when music legend Cher offered to take a picture for the two, reports DailyMail.

The singer shared their photo on Twitter to her three million followers, along with the story.

The singer wrote: “When we were coming out of movie I saw beautiful couple. He was taking her pic…. She had flowers I said… can I take your pic.”

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As she was wearing a mask at the time, the couple didn’t seem to realize who she was.

Cher joked that she probably scared them, continuing, “Had my mask on so they didn’t know who I was. MAYBE Just a crazy woman.. THAT ME.”

Beauty blogger Syndie and realtor Tehran Stokes, the couple in the picture, soon discovered who the mysterious woman was when the tweet blew up with over 80 thousand likes.

In another twist, the couple weren’t actually open about their relationship yet.

Syndie – Photo: Instagram/@beautifullysyndie
Syndie – Photo: Instagram/@beautifullysyndie

Reacting to the tweet, the blogger took to Instagram with a Story. She screenshotted the tweet and wrote: “OMG! It really was @cher wow took my photo last night! Well, so much for keeping my boo private, lol”.

Despite the secret being busted, the couple didn’t seem to mind as Syndie commented on the tweet.

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She wrote, “Omg! That’s me, and it was my birthday! Wow! I can’t believe it! 🥰”.

The singer gave the influencer a birthday gift she won’t forget anytime soon.