2021 is winding down and James Corden is summing up the year with a jam-packed poetic rap.

With the help of Google’s annual “Year In Search” report, “The Late Late Show” TV host is back with another trademark rap recap about this year’s trending Google searches, which focused on “how to heal” and included inquiries like “Is James Corden’s show scripted?”

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While Corden said his show has a “loose outline,” the only thing that’s scripted is his rap.

“I know it’s hard to wrap your head around everything that’s happened in 2021 so let me break it down for you real quick,” Corden said before performing his rap on the show.

“It’s time for the ‘Late Late’ show’s annual run through of the highs and lows of the past year,” he explained about his verses, which sum up everything from politics to entertainment, breakups- “Kim and Kanye got a divorce”- and make-ups- “JLo went back to her old guy,” and how “Everyone wants some Pete Davidson.” He even included a touching tribute to the late American composer, Stephen Sondheim.

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The comedic talk show host said “gas prices got as high as Seth Rogan” and was sure to give a shoutout to Bernie Sanders’ viral Inauguration outfit which Corden described as “cozy in full winter gear.”

The English-native got a little carried away with his frustration over England’s loss in the UEFA Euro 2020 Final football match against Italy. “England made it to the end of the line. They didn’t win but really it’s fine…it’s FINE!” Corden shouted with anger.

And as “COVID’s about to enter year three,” Corden reminded us that “on the bright side Britney is free!”

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“It’s hard to believe that happened this year” but we’ll always remember the defining moments of 2021 thanks to Corden’s stellar break down.

Watch the full rap in the video above.