Supermodel Christie Brinkley had an eye-opening experience.

The model recently had a medical procedure to fix her vision, and it involved drilling a hole in her eye.

Brinkley shared the experience in a post to Instagram with an intimidating photo of herself attached to a medical device.

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“👁want you to read this , so you will always be able to!,” She wrote. “I just discovered that I have something called Acute Angle Closure. I only found out because I included an eye exam as part of my yearly physical check up and my brilliant ophthalmologist spotted this problem. They can fix it by brace yourselves, drilling a hole thru your eye!”

While the experience sounded terrifying, the 67-year-old model assured everyone it wasn’t actually that bad.

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“It’s not as gruesome as it sounds. In fact I just had it done in this photo, piece of cake,” she continued. “But if left untreated it could have resulted in vision loss…So I’m very grateful! Thank you Dr Coles! And friends keep your eye on your precious eyes! 👁👀Get them checked!”