Bradley Cooper and Ridley Scott compared notes on Lady Gaga as they chatted for Variety’s “Directors on Directors” conversation piece.

Scott directed Gaga in “House of Gucci” and Cooper worked with her on “A Star Is Born”.

Scott said, when asked about a moment in particular that stood out to him while working with the musician, “There was a moment I thought, My God, she closed it up. That was the scene in the schoolyard. Jack Huston turns up in his Porsche to inform her [Patrizia Reggiani] that [Maurizio Gucci] is proposing divorce. And she lost it so well and so real that I felt it had to be reflective of something that had happened to her, because it definitely hurt her.

“And from that moment I was watching her, I felt, ‘My God, she just owns it.’ I think that was one take with a handheld camera. I was saying, ‘I think you just did it, don’t you?’ And she said, ‘Yes, I did it.’ That was it.”

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Cooper added of “A Star Is Born”: “For me, with working with [Gaga], I remember the thing that blew my mind. It seemed simple but I thought it was a tall order, when my character brings [Ally] onstage for the first time. I truly believed that that person had never been on a stage before.”

Scott replied, “That’s right.”

Cooper went on, “And I remember thinking, How is she pulling this off? That I actually believe on every level — as the director, as the character — that this person has never been in front of 20,000 people before. That was really kind of mind-blowing.”

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Ridley Scott then said of how he approached Adam Driver about doing “House of Gucci” while they were shooting “The Last Duel”: “I think [Driver] was putting on a suit of armour. I said, ‘I’ve got a script for you to read this weekend.’ He said, ‘What? All right.’ So I had him before he finished the movie.

“He just fits the role — apart from the fact he’s just f**king great, he’s also six-foot-four. So you’ve got Maurizio Gucci, who’s six-foot-four, and you’ve got Patrizia Gucci, who’s five-foot-two or -three, so the yin and the yang of it was perfect.”

Scott added of one of his favourite moments in the recently released film: “I love it when [Driver] says, ‘Don’t call me a cretin, sweetie.’ And [Gaga] says, ‘I didn’t call you a cretin; I said don’t act like a cretin.’ Already, she’s vulnerable. Then he says, ‘It’s my family.’ She says, ‘So am I’ — and points at the ring. So you’ve got two massive cracks right there. That’s the beginning of the end.”