The highly anticipated fourth instalment of “The Matrix” franchise is almost here.

Nearly 20 years after the third film, “The Matrix: Resurrections” brings back some familiar faces, including Canadian stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss, and Jada Pinkett Smith. It also welcomes a host of newcomers, including Priyanka Chopra, who describes to ET Canada her experience joining the much-loved sci-fi cast.

“I was intimidated. I won’t lie,” she tells ET Canada. “My first scene was with the entire cast where I speak all my lines in the movie in one sunset. So I had 45 minutes to make sure I got everything right. It was terrifying, especially with Jada, Carrie-Anne and Keanu standing in front of me. I was like, You got to get this right, girl.

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While she may have been nervous, Chopra says her mom and husband Nick Jonas were really excited to have her land the role.

“In my family, there would be tough competition between my mom and my husband,” she says of those close to her who were the most excited about her “Matrix” role. “I think that everyone is a fan of ‘The Matrix’ because of the sheer fact of what the ‘Matrix’ movies did when they came out and how much they still mean to people.”

And, of course, every fan of “The Matrix” knows there is ultimately only one choice to be made — red pill or blue pill?

“At this point, I’ve had a whole year where I worked a lot and I’m ready to go back home so I might take the blue pill for a little while,” Chopra says. “But I’m a ‘red pill’ kind of girl.”

“The Matrix: Resurrections” opens in theatres on Dec. 22.

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