Global’s “Survivor” made history on Wednesday night as the show crowned a Canadian castaway the winner of season 41.

Not only did Niagara Falls native Erika Casupanan become the first Canuck to win the American franchise, she also became the first Southeast Asian to take the $1-million grand prize.

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Speaking with ET Canada’s Morgan Hoffman just hours after the finale, the 32-year-old reminisced on her entire “Survivor” journey.

“It’s actually pretty crazy because when ET Canada first announced that Canadians could be on ‘Survivor’, I sat in this room and made my audition tape, and then I talked to you a few months ago before ‘Survivor’ aired, and now here I am, talking to you about how I won,” she shared.

“So, ET Canada has been a part of the journey from the beginning.”

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Additionally, Casupanan snapped a seven-season drought to become “Survivor”‘s first female winner since Sarah Lacina won season 34.

“I just went into ‘Survivor’ deciding, ‘I wanna relieve myself of the pressure of having to prove anything to anybody. I’m just going to go as myself and play with any strengths and weaknesses that I have.’

“Then knowing that game where I truly was authentic to who I am was what led me to the win and led me to represent all of these communities, it’s overwhelming,” Casupanan emotionally recalled.

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With “Survivor” season 41 officially wrapped, how will she be spending her prize money?

“I mean, first priority is my parents. I have to make sure they have everything they need to live a comfortable life,” she said.

“Second priority may be irresponsible, but there’s a lot of expensive shoes I want,” Casupanan quipped.

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Check out our full interview with Casupanan below.