If you’re out of shampoo, items in the fridge might be your best bet.

On Thursday, Priyanka Chopra appeared on “Late Night with Seth Meyers”, and was asked about an old hair treatment her mom used on her as a kid.

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“​​Apparently, beer and eggs, which my mom used to do when I was growing up in her hair, and she’d leave it as a conditioner,” said Chopra. “And apparently it’s really good for you. It helps with hair growth. And it stinks to high heaven, but when she shampoos it, it’s all right.”

She explained the treatment just required whisking some eggs and mixing them with beer, and then putting it in her hair without making a mess.

When Meyers suspected she was “pranking” him, Chopra responded, “Google it! I promise you, Google it.”

Also on the show, Chopra talked about her role in “The Matrix: Resurrections” and talked about how the original “Matrix” in 1999 made her paranoid about technology.

“It was the turn of the century when the movie came out,” she said, “and everyone was like, ‘Technology was kind of scary, it’s gonna take over the world,’ and there comes ‘The Matrix’ and tells you that you might be living in one, so it was terrifying.”

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She brought up how some of the ways social media and the internet work today can make it feel like we’re actually living in the Matrix.

“Especially when you’re having a conversation with your friend and then they log on to Instagram and the ads pop up,” she said. “And you’re like, uh, ”Did you just recommend that same toothbrush that I was recommending to my friend five minutes ago?'”

Chopra added, “I’m fully, fully paranoid.”