Thankfully, for food lover Stanley Tucci, he is fully recovered from his cancer diagnosis.

On Friday, the actor appears on “The Graham Norton Show” to promote his new book My Life Through Food and talks about how being diagnosed with tongue cancer in 2018 affected him.

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“Everything tastes terrible for a long period of time,” he says about the illness and treatments. “My mouth and throat were compromised by the way it was treated but I am fully recovered, and my sense of smell and taste have come back slowly but surely.”

In fact, he adds, “My sense of taste is actually more acute now. Everything is regenerating and repairing. Your mouth is almost like a child’s and you’re experiencing everything anew.”

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Despite writing a book about food, Tucci is quick to downplay his expertise on the subject.

“I am not an expert at all and write about all sorts of things, like my grandparents sieving tomatoes through pillow cases, bottling them, and boiling them in a large barrel,” he says. “I saw that when I was only five so don’t blame me if it doesn’t actually work!”