Dame Joan Collins is spilling secrets of the original cast of “Dynasty”.

The actress appeared on “The Graham Norton Show” to talk about the award-winning show and address rumours about on set tension.

Norton brought up the fact the actress didn’t appear in season 1 of the show and asked whether that was the cause of tension between her and John Forsythe.

Reflecting on the past, Collins brought up two main culprits for the supposed tension.

The first cause was what she saw as a case of sexism in the industry.

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“I was in my 40s when I got that role, Linda [Evans] was in her 30s, John was 62 – but do you think any of the press ever mentioned that was he 62?” the star said. “I would bring [his age] up in interviews because I don’t like ageist people and Mr. Forsythe didn’t like it.”

The actress then went on to bring up a specific anecdote involving the two at the People’s Choice Awards where “Dynasty” won Best Ensemble Cast.

Joan Collins – Photo: Matt Crossick/PA Wire
Joan Collins – Photo: Matt Crossick/PA Wire

“We were all told that when you go up on stage, John will receive the award. … So, we all went up, all in a muddle, and the girl comes straight up to me and hands it to me,” recalled Collins.

She then gave a short speech and tried to hand it off to Forsythe.

“I tried to give it to him, but he said ‘She’s said enough’ and walked off,” she added.

The star revealed Forsythe didn’t speak to her for a whole season after which made certain scenes tricky.

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“And when we’d be doing a scene where he was supposed to try and strangle me, I said ‘I have to have my stand-in because I’m scared’,” the actress joked.

While she was may not have been close with Forsythe, she recounted stories of other famous actors she became friends with including legendary actor Marlon Brando.

So close, he actually came to her house and ate all her food.

“He used to come over to my flat, and he would go and say ‘Anything to eat?'”, she recalled. “And he would go and eat every jar of ice cream because I only had ice cream and he would eat it all.”

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