Chrissy Teigen is setting the record straight before she is thrown under the bus.

The Cravings cookbook author was approached by TMZ on Friday and asked if she would be wearing a mask at her family Christmas party.

“TMZ just asked me if I’d be wearing a mask at my family Christmas and I said no? and now I feel like I’ve been tricked into a story about how I won’t wear a mask this Christmas,” she tweeted.

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Teigen then let her fans know that she promotes wearing masks but won’t be when she is at her own house.

“Just know I am pro mask but don’t really wear one inside with my husband and kids I guess,” Teigen continued. “Love masks, love the vax, just wanna make that clear! Be safe I love you. Ok bye!!”

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Teigen’s husband John Legend recently got a tattoo designed by daughter Luna after Teigen called him out for originally bailing on the idea.

The cute design features a bouquet of three flowers.