Katy Perry can trust Orlando Bloom to give her honest fashion advice.

The “Fireworks” singer said that her “Lord of the Rings” fiancé won’t hold back when offering up his judgement of her style, including her look for her upcoming Las Vegas residency.

“Yesterday he was shooting something and he was in full armour. We talked about the costumes and the makeup,” Perry told E! News‘ “Daily Pop“.

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“Or I’ll have a fitting going to something, he’ll ask me for notes and I’ll show him this. It’s fun,” she continued.

The advice also extends to their daily fashion choices.

“We tell each other the truth,” Perry said. “I’m like ‘Babe don’t wear that. You look like, something, don’t.'”

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Petty dished on details of what fans can expect from Katy Perry: PLAY at Resorts World Las Vegas.

“The wigs are not gonna be as wild as they have been in the past. I gave the people what they wanted,” she said. “I went back to the black hair so I’m just gonna blow that out. It’s gonna be a big, old thing. It’s gonna be a little sexy.”

As for the costumes, they will have “tricks in them” and will feature “a lot of rhinestones.”