Reese Witherspoon paid an in-person visit to “The Tonight Show”, and discussed being part of the star-studded voice cast of new animated musical “Sing 2”.

“It’s been so much fun,” she said of doing press for the new movie, revealing the recent premiere was full of “little kids” in the audience, “and they were all standing up and singing all the songs.”

As Witherspoon told “Tonight” host Jimmy Fallon, her role meant she had to sing songs by Prince, Ariana Grande and U2. “I was so scared,” she admitted.

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Witherspoon also dished on the film’s cast, which includes such top musical artists as Pharrell Williams, Halsey and Bono.

“Halsey has the most amazing number,” she shared, “and then we all have… there’s like seven musical numbers at the end, where everybody’s singing and dancing in these beautiful costumes, and I’m telling you, it was like everybody was singing. It was so fun.”

Meanwhile, Witherspoon and Fallon also discussed the big twist at the end of the second season of her Apple TV+ hit “The Morning Show”.