Ricky Gervais was unapologetic while defending the many controversial remarks that he’s made about A-list celebrities. 

The comedian has poked fun at some of the biggest names in entertainment while hosting the Golden Globes five times.

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“Do I pander to the 200 billionaires in the room or the 200 million people at home sitting in their [underwear] drinking beer who aren’t winning awards, who aren’t billionaires? It’s a no-brainer for a comedian,” said the “Office” star in a new interview with the Guardian.

“I’m a jester. I play to the other peasants in the mud,” he continued. “I wasn’t going in terrible. Think of the things I could have said… Think of the f***ing terrible things I could have joked about. It’s off the charts — It’s. Off. The. Charts — the terrible things I could say.”

Gervais also recalled how Robert De Niro once called him up to compliment him on his jokes. 

“De Niro was just crying with laughter when I made a joke about Hugh Hefner and his young bride,” he shared.  “He called me after a week and said: ‘I wanna say, you did a great job.’ ‘Oh man,’ I said, ‘I annoyed some people.’ He said: ‘F*** ’em, they were jokes.’”

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 “You have to provoke! It’s a good thing,” added Gervais. “Learning provokes, science provokes, opinion provokes. Offence provokes.”