Jimmy Fallon had quite the challenge for the “Sing 2” cast in his latest “Tonight Show” segment.

The talk show host asked the cast of the new movie to casually drop weird phrases into their interviews while doing press for the flick.

The clip kicked off with ET Canada’s very own Keshia Chante, with Tori Kelly managing to get the sentence “you know what they say: If you can’t lick the spoon, just eat the bowl” into the conversation.

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She told Chante of what she’ll be doing over Christmas, “I’m just going to eat a lot of food I feel like… you know what they say, if you can’t lick the spoon, just eat the bowl.”

Fellow star Scarlett Johansson smiled and said, “That’s right.”

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Matthew McConaughey then had to get the phrase “grape nuts, go nuts” into one of his interviews.

Johansson also managed to say “even the Pringles guy gets lonely in January” while talking to a reporter about the film.

See more, including Nick Kroll say, “It’s never a great idea to microwave a balloon,” a few times to different people, in the clip above.