Gugu Mbatha-Raw would love to be offered the role of Meghan Markle on “The Crown”.

The “Morning Show” star chats to Tatler in a new interview and was asked how she’d feel if she were offered the role.

“Oh my God, that’s hilarious. I’d be very flattered; I’d have to consider it.”

Mbatha-Raw says she hasn’t encountered Prince Harry and Meghan in Los Angeles so far but says, “I wish them luck. It’s a tricky transition to make.”

“The Crown” creator Peter Morgan is insisting that the show will be coming to an end after season 6, so won’t be covering Meghan and Harry’s relationship.

Mbatha-Raw adds of how charmed Americans are by the Royal Family: “It sort of feels like a fairy tale from an American viewpoint. I’m sure it’s not an easy life. And I’m sure we don’t know the half of it. But I respect it.”

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Mbatha-Raw, who is now set to star in the new BBC One psychological thriller “The Girl Before”, also opens up about being mugged at gunpoint and running for her life while shooting “Beyond the Lights” in L.A. back in 2013.

“I’m sort of thankful because it made me more courageous in a way. I felt like I had survived that experience and it made me meditate about fear. Everyone was so worried about me and so sort of, ‘Oh my God, are you OK?’ What happened is my brain slowed down and everything went into slow motion. And I wasn’t actually afraid in the moment.”

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The star adds of how the experience has made her reassess her life: “I was thinking, If my life had ended just then, what haven’t I done with it? I had just turned 30 and I hadn’t been to South Africa [where her father grew up]. So within a couple of weeks, I booked a ticket to South Africa for the first time.

“I guess I had been socially conditioned to believe that Johannesburg was a dangerous place and all of these dangerous things could happen to you there. And I thought, A pretty dangerous thing happened to me in West Hollywood and I’m OK. So, let me really confront the things that I haven’t done in my life. I wanted to connect the dots of my roots, and it really motivated me to do that. Maybe that sounds like an overly positive way to respond to it, but it genuinely just made me realize life is short.”