Bill Burr went on “The Pat McAfee Show” and shared his unfiltered opinions about the coronavirus pandemic.

The standup comedian is known for his lack of patience with anti-vaxxers, calling them “full of s**t” for not trusting the vaccine. He also previously revealed that he’s only willing to sign copies of his newest comedy album to people who are masked.

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Burr called out cable news fanatics.

“People who watch CNN & Fox all day are f***ing insane people. Those two channels, their job is just to scare you and divide America. That’s all they do… They sound like divorcees just blaming their spouse, talking s**t about ’em, so I stay away from [them],” he said. “I can’t watch either one of those news channels without getting infuriated, just the fact that they act like they’re news.”

The “Breaking Bad” actor said that walking away from the TV “just chills you out,” commenting, “CNN, Fox is never on in my house unless someone has come over and put it on.”

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Burr appears on the YouTube show around the 55-minute mark in the video above.