Tom Brady seems to be taking the Buccaneers’ defeat hard according to some reports.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost to the New Orleans Saints 9-0 on Dec. 19 in a shutout football game.

Us Weekly reports Brady was seen shouting at a referee and throwing a tablet on a bench during the match.

During the fourth quarter, he was seen yelling in the direction of the Saints sideline, which led some fans to believe he was cursing out their defensive coordinator Dennis Allen.

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A claim which the quarterback denied in a post-game interview.

The WFLA asked what he was saying during the match, to which the athlete replied “Ah, nothing. Just football.”

“I don’t think we were much good of anything tonight… It was a lot of things,” he continued. “We have to do better in every facet of offensive football to score points — we’re not going to win scoring no points.”

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Despite what fans might believe, the star had nothing but praise for the Saints.

“They are well-coached, have a lot of great players — a lot of veteran players that have played together for a long time. They did a great job,” said Brady.