Hilaria Baldwin says she is done being a target for the media.

The star shared a video to Instagram with her thoughts after being followed by paparazzi in her car.

“I took this the other day after an incident where I was getting chased by paps in cars. I decided not to post because how many times do I have to complain about this? I’m even sick of me bringing it up,” she wrote in the post. “I just changed my mind because someone just told me that the ny post and other tabloids said I got pulled over. THIS IS NOT TRUE AND A LIE.”

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“I drove around, with Alec and Carmen in the car until I found a police officer and asked for help from the people chasing me. One in particular that harasses us in such an ugly way got out and started screaming at the police and at me,” she continued. “Saying he is at work and I am getting in his way — apparently because I won’t let him violate me and my family. She made him move is car. She told me to always reach out for help — it gets scary.”

Baldwin acknowledged that making this post may antagonize the outlets further, but said in her video that she was tired of being a target.

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“I am not a target. My husband is not a target. We are no longer gonna be targets. We are normal people, we have jobs, we have our family – we are just living our lives,” said the mother of six. “We love to connect with people. Most people are good people, but there are people who take advantage of the system.”

She went on to plead with everyone to work together to better society instead of “causing pain.”

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This isn’t the first time the author has called out paparazzi for “dangerous” behaviour. Baldwin previously stood up to photographers for driving dangerously while pursuing her family.

“Again: I know I’m supposed to stay silent on such things… but as a mother and citizen of this world… I simply can’t,” she said at the time.