Lily Collins says season 2 of “Emily in Paris” is bigger and better than season 1.

The star spoke with E! News on the red carpet for the premiere about the upcoming season and, of course, fashion.

“I wanted to feel bright and bold, and sparkly. Valentino just provided the disco ball of fashion tonight,” she said of her outfit for the night. “I don’t normally wear heels now out and about for everyday, so this was a fun time to dress up.”

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The star dressed for the occasion in a puffy floral top over a matching skirt and black pumps.

Her co-star Ashley Park also brought her style game to the premiere in a more retro-inspired outfit.

“So it’s mostly Versace which I love, and adding these diamond fishnet tights to it totally makes a difference,” said Park. “The jewellery and the chrome nails – it all just sort of comes together.”

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Lily Collins And Ashley Park
Lily Collins And Ashley Park — Photo: Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images for Netflix

About the second season of the show, Collins said, “We’re back for more. It’s bigger, it’s more fashion, more drama, more romance, more laughs — a lot more French and some new characters.”

“Emily in Paris” season 2 comes out on Netflix on Dec. 22.