A lot of people assume Max Greenfield is gay.

On Tuesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, actor and “Call Me Kat” star Leslie Jordan guest-hosts the show, and welcomes “The Neighborhood” star Max Greenfield.

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“We met on the set of ‘Will & Grace’,” Greenfield recalls. “And what was your thought when we first met?”

Excitedly, Jordan says, “Ooh, I thought you might be gay. But then again, that’s my thought whenever I meet anybody.”

“Let me tell you something, you’re not the only one,” Greenfield says.

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The actor shares that before Thanksgiving, he was sent photos of a flyer that was posted all around West Hollywood with a shirtless picture of him on it, promoting a “Big Gay Party” called “Bangsgiving”, named after a joke in his old sitcom “New Girl”.

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