It took the right project to get Michael B. Jordan to star in a romance.

Speaking with Paul Ngon of :BLACKPRINT, the 34-year-old actor talked about starring in the romantic new movie “A Journal for Jordan”, directed by Denzel Washington.

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“I’ve usually kind of strayed away from love stories in the past,” Jordan said, according to People. He added that he worried he wouldn’t be able to “tap into real emotions in that type of way that could really connect with the character.”

That changed with “A Journal for Jordan”, based on the memoir by former New York Times reporter Dana Canedy, played in the film by Chanté Adams, who falls for First Sergeant Charles Monroe King, played by Jordan.

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King was killed in action in 2006, but left behind a journal Canedy had given him, which she discovered he had filled with messages and advice for their son, with whom she was pregnant at the time.

“I journal a lot,” Jordan said. “So understanding the thought process behind leaving words and lessons in a journal for somebody to read later, I just love the idea of that. I connect with that personally.”

“A Journal for Jordan” is out in theatres Dec. 25.