Rick Ross just pulled the perfect French exit.

Last week, the rapper appeared on “The 85 South Comedy Show” with hosts DC Young Fly, Karlous Miller, and Chico Bean, but managed to leave without even saying goodbye.

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With the interview seemingly going well, including conversation about his early singles “Hustlin'” and “Push It”, at around the 37-minute mark, Ross needed to take a break.

“Let me use the bathroom one time,” he said, drinking a bit more before getting up and walking out.

The hosts kept the live show going for a few minutes, assuming their guest would be back shortly.

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But soon enough, a crew member showed up to let them know Ross had actually left the building completely. Another crew member told them their guest had an “unexpected” flight he needed to catch.

“How he just gonna disappear like that? We ain’t even say bye or nothing,” DC Young Fly said, and Chico joked that Ross was like the Phantom of the Opera.