A recent edition of “Wheel of Fortune” has confused fans of rapper Yung Joc.

During the Dec. 20 episode, contestant Kennise Miller attempted a guess at a puzzle in the bonus round, under the category of “person”.

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Miller, who had already amassed a trip to Maui and nearly $30,000 in prize money, was unable to correctly guess the answer, which was ultimately revealed to be “Young Jock.”

However, viewers with some knowledge of rap called out “Wheel of Fortune” for getting it wrong, letting producers know that particular person’s name is spelled Yung Joc, not Young Jock.


Joc then spoke to TMZ about the incident, which he checked out after getting so many notifications online.

He insisted, “I think… I want it to be me but I think he’s referring to a young jock, a young athlete.”

Joc added that he’s been a longtime fan of the show and grew up watching it with his mom and grandma, admitting: “So, I’m one of the best people to play ‘Wheel of Fortune’.”