This was not an ideal bathroom situation.

Last month, “Marvelous Mrs. Maisel” star Rachel Brosnahan shared an Instagram post exhorting her followers to be safe after finding a dead rat in her toilet.

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On Wednesday night, the actress appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” and was asked what she thinks the worst things about living in New York are, and she brought up her discovery that the urban myth that rodents can climb up through the pipework is not a myth at all.

As she explained, a friend had swung by her house and texted to say she’d found the dead rat in her toilet, which meant Brosnahan had to go back and fish the rodent out using “improvised rat chopsticks.”

“My husband and I were in such a panic, we were, like, fast-walking into the house,” she recalled. “And eventually we just decided that I would fish it out and he would figure out how to dispose of it.”

Brosnahan added, “The smell, I will do you all a favour and I will spare you,” to which Kimmel interrupted, “It was good,” and the guest laughed, joking, “It was delicious.”

Finally, she said, “It was the most traumatizing experience, but also the moment I became a New Yorker.”

In the Instagram picture, the actress was seen masked up, with gloves on and using two wooden sticks to retrieve the rat.

In the comments, a number of celebrities showed their support for Brosnahan’s ordeal.

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“Girl….. that is…. An experience,” said “West Side Story” star Ariana DeBose.

Zoey Deutch wrote, “NO.”

“Omg,” said Josh Groban, while David Oyelowo added, “🤢🤮.”