With the eighth and final season of “Black-ish” looming, stars Anthony Anderson (Tre) and Tracee Ellis Ross (Bow) are looking back at the first time they auditioned together for the show.

Revealing she’s never seen her audition before, Ross says as she watches the video, “It’s gonna make me cry — she’s so young, that girl.”

In the scene, which Ross says they never actually shot, Tre enters.

“Arsenio just said Republicans are trying to get President Obama to say that his name is Toby,” he tells Bow before collapsing into laughter.

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“I don’t get it,” Bow replies.

“Baby, ‘Roots’ — Kunta Kinte,” he explains, leading her to laugh along now that she gets the joke.

“That’s how you knew it was gonna work,” says Ross as she and Anderson watch themselves.

“Now I’m getting emotional,” Anderson tells Ross.

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“You know, we always talk about never being afraid to fall, and I’ve always said that if we’re afraid to fall, we’ll never take that leap. And I will take this leap with you anywhere, any place, any time,” he adds, as Ross leans in and gives him a kiss.

The farewell season of “Black-ish” kicks off on Tuesday, Jan. 4.