The Gad clan were depressed this week.

The actor shared a clip of the family — Gad with his wife Ida Darvish and daughters Ava, 10, and Isabella, 7 — melting a hot chocolate bomb of his “Frozen” character Olaf.

Gad shared as the character melted into a pan of hot milk, “This is very depressing.”

He later said, “Oh Olaf, I am sorry!”

At one point, the family belted out an a cappella version of the “Frozen II” song “When I Am Older”.

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Gad admitted he had “mixed feelings” about the whole thing in his caption.

He asked in the clip, “We couldn’t have done this with a ‘Moana’ character instead?”

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Despite playing the much-loved snowman in the hit Disney flick, Gad previously told People that he’s “not very good” at building them in reality.

“You would think that I would have it down, but growing up in South Florida has really not proven helpful in that endeavour.”