Heidi Klum may be one of the all-time-great supermodels, yet admitted recently she finds some models to be “boring farts.”

Klum made the comments during a recent press conference for the upcoming season of “Germany’s Next Top Model”, which she’s hosted since 2006.

As Klum said, reported German news outlet ProSieben (via the Daily Mail), the first impression she has of the wannabe models is the most important.

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“From the first day I know what suits my taste,” she explains.

“But then of course I see how the others are doing. There are many who are beautiful but sometimes boring.”

According to Klum, some models who are “born so ‘classically beautiful'” tend to “rest on their laurels.”

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That’s why, she added, “I often find other people more interesting, in terms of the person, how they move… They have more bite. They may have always had to fight harder. ”