Jennifer Coolidge is here to put some spirit into the holidays, thanks to her distinctive reading of a holiday classic.

In a new video released by Netflix, the star of “Legally Blonde”, “Two Broke Girls” and the recent “The White Lotus” presents her unique take on The Night Before Christmas.

According to Coolidge, that particular tale happens to be “my favourite story of all time,” revealing that her great-grandfather used to read it to her on Christmas Eve when she was a young child. “Now he’s dead,” she adds with a smile.

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With a plate of cookies and a wine glass full of milk at her side, Coolidge proceeds to tear into the tale, detailing Santa’s late-night tumble down the chimney, “dressed all in fur, which is no longer socially acceptable,” she points out.

“Happy holidays, kids,” she tells viewers after concluding her reading. “And make sure that your yuletides are gay!”

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Coolidge can be seen in Netflix’s gay holiday rom-com “Single All the Way”, streaming now.